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17 June 2021
Tech4SmartCities 2021

Throughout the day Enterprise Europe Brussels, will host three webinars that will look into opportunities and challenges that cities are facing in their transition to become climate-neutral, sustainable and smart ecosystems.  

09:00 - 10:00 Webinar Mobility

‘Future Opportunities for Mobility Innovation in Brussels’

Sustainable urban mobility is a key aspect of Smart Cities. In this webinar, four knowledgeable speakers will discuss the current status, trends and opportunities within the Brussels Region for mobility related parties.

Brussels is in transition and opportunities are being generated. The framework is set by the plan Good Move, approved in 2020, which defines a new way of getting around and living in the city.

The 1-hour webinar is addressed to every mobility player, national or international, that is interested in operating in the Brussels Capital Region.

Introduction and moderation by Dr Virginia Gómez Oñate, Enterprise Europe Brussels, hub.brussels 

- Overview about what is changing in the mobility world and where the opportunities lie by Philippe Crist, Advisor, Innovation and Foresight at International Transport Forum

- Results of the market study on mobility actors active in Brussels by Guillaume Servonnat, Managing Director, MaestroMobile, Project Manager, Espaces-Mobilités

- Good Move plan and opportunities for mobility-related companies by Bruno van Loveren, Director Strategy, Bruxelles Mobilité

European Pre-Commercial Procurement on pedestrian flow by Rick Meynen, Data process Manager, STIB-MIVB


 14:00 -15:00 Webinar Digitalisation

'Tech in the city: digital tools for smarter cities'

Digital technologies are transforming our cities and offer a very wide range of opportunities to facilitate the life of the citizens and optimise resources management. 

This webinar will be the occasion to discover opportunities provided by digital technologies and discover some business cases. An Artificial Intelligence expert will give a keynote on how AI tools can be used for smarter and more efficient cities. Then, there will be a presentation on how High Performance Computing can boost your business. 

We will also have an overview of Brussels strategy as a smart city, opportunities in the Region and much more!

Introduction and moderation by Benjamin Carnec, Enterprise Europe Brussels, hub.brussels

- AI tools for smarter cities by Arnaud De Decker, Sagacify

- High Performance Computing for SMEs by Wahid Rofagha, PRACE 

- Smart4all funding opportunities by, Dr Santiago Macho Gonzalez, AMPER S&C IoT

- Brussels’ strategy as smart city by Céline Vanderborght, smartcity.brussels manager CIRB

- Brussels tech ecosystem and opportunities in the Brussels Region Capital by Benjamin Carnec, EEB, hub.brussels 

- Q&A & wrap up

 16:00-17:00 Webinar Circular economy

'Challenges and Innovations for circular production in cities' 

This webinar will inform you about challenges faced by circular business producing in urban context. 

Different case studies from enterprises and organizations in Brussels and Hamburg will give you insights on valorising local wood in a city, urban agricultural production and a recycling initiative for plastic bottles from households in an urban area. 

The webinar is organised in partnership with circlemade.brussels, the Brussels cluster for circular economy.

Introduction and moderation by Camille Lépinay, Enterprise Europe Brussels, hub.brussels

Learnings from cirlemade.brussels  members

- Cloose the loop - converting earth excavations into building bricks by Nicolas Coeckelberghs, BC Materials

Cloosing the loop for plastics by Grégoire Hupin, Bel Albatros 

- Valorising local wood in a city by Stephan Kampelmann, Sonian Wood Coop

- Less is more  for urban agricultural production by Jens De Laet, BIGH

Brussels cluster for circular economy as enabler by Alexandra Lambert, circlemade.brussels 

Support from Brussels regional public agency for regional development by Benjamin Cadranel, CityDev

Learnings from Hamburg Wertstoff Initiative for recycling plastic bottles

- Sophia Marklin Stadtreinigung Hamburg 

- Dr. Ayah Alassali Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics 

These webinars are restricted to participants that have also signed up for B2B sessions.

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